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Jayashree T, Dr, M.Com., M.B.A, M.Phil., PhD – Associate Professor


Dr Jayashree has 14 years of experience including 13.5 years of Teaching and 6 months of Industrial experience. She is passionate about teaching Accounting and Finance as core courses through a hands-on application based approach. She holds Master degrees in Commerce and Business Administration. She has completed her Doctorate in Management on the topic "A Study on Behavioural Factors Influencing Equity and Commodity Investors in Decision Making". She cleared NET in June 2011. She has participated in several National and International conferences and presented papers. She has her publications in National and International Journals including in a Scopus Indexed Journal. She received the “Faculty Excellence Award” in 2019 during her previous Academic tenure.

Jayashree has completed a certification on "Applied Financial Statement Analysis" and attended a workshop on “Financial Modeling and Valuation” certified by EY. She completed her 6 months online course on “Financial Analysis Prodegree '' certified by KPMG. Apart from academics, she has coordinated Entrepreneurial Development (ED) Cell, Student Affairs - Shreyas Forum and Community Immersion Programmes in nearby villages.

Contact her at [email protected]


Journal Publications
    • Dr Jayashree T, Dr Dilip D, Dr Jafersadhiq A, (2023) FACTORS DETERMINING CONTINUANCE INTENTION TO USE FINTECH SERVICES SOUTH INDIA JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES ; ISSN: 0972 – 8945, Vol. XXI, No.3, July – December : 2023, UGC CARE Approved, Group I, Bi-Annual Journal,

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Conference Proceedings
    • Chitra & T.Jayashree (2014) “Impact of Risk Perception on Investor Behaviour”, Two Day International symposium on Research Innovation for Quality Improvement in Higher Education in Bhararthiar University, Pg 77-84 (ISBN 788-19-233-069-3-5)

    • Vinoth & T.Jayashree (2012) “Adoption of Internet Banking Services – A Study on Perception of Users and Non users” in Bannari Amman Institution of Engineering and Technology 4, pg 44-50 (ISBN 978-81-920-460-5-5)

    • Vinoth & T.Jayashree (2012)  “A Study on Performance Appraisal of Internet Banking –Comparative Study between Public Sector and Private Sector banks in Coimbatore City” in Adaikalamatha Institute of Management, Pg 37 (ISBN 978-81-909038-1-3)

Areas of Interests

    • Accounting, Financial Management, Financial Statement Analysis, Security analysis and Portfolio Management