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Allimuthu S, Dr, M.B.A., PhD – Associate Professor

Dr. Allimuthu S is an Associate Professor in finance. He holds an MBA, MPhil and PhD in Management. He has two decades of teaching experience in reputed institutions in Coimbatore. He obtained his doctoral degree from Bharathiyar University in 2015. His doctoral research was on ‘Financial Market Integration in India’. Prior to joining GRGSMS, he has worked at Jansons School of Business, Coimbatore, Dr G R Damodaran Academy of Management, Coimbatore and PSG Collage of Arts and Science, Coimbatore. He is a SLET qualified professional.

He has published research articles in national and international journals and has also presented papers in national and international conferences. He is trained in Multiple Choice Question generation and validation and E-content development by UGC.

Contact him at [email protected]


Journal Publications
  • Revathi. P & Allimuthu. S (2023), “Affiliation Amongst Macro Economic Indicators and National Stock Exchange – India’, International Journal of Scientific Development and Research, Vol. 8 (6), pp. 231 – 236 (ISSN-2455-2631)

  • Allimuthu. S (2021), ‘A Comparative study on the profitability and efficiency of HDFC and ICICI Bank’, Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovation Research, Vol. 8 (4), pp. 511-516 (ISSN-2349-5162)

  • Allimuthu. S (2019), ‘Income Streams of Private Banks: An Analysis’, Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities, Vol. 9 (12), (ISSN: 2249-7315)

  • Allimuthu. S (2019), ‘Co-movement of Indices: An Empirical Study with Reference to Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE)’, Journal of Emerging and Innovative Research, Vol. 6 (5), pp, 265 – 272,(ISSN-2349-5162)

  • Allimuthu. S (2019), ‘Integration of BRICS Stock Markets an Empirical Study’, ZENITH International Journal of Multidisciplinary, Vol. 9, (4), pp. 267 – 275 (ISSN 2231 – 5780)

  • Allimuthu. S (2010), ‘A Comparative study on the performance of SBI and its associates’, Kegees Journal of Social Science, Vol. 2,(1), pp.79 – 88 (ISSN 0975 – 3621)

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  • Nateson. C & Allimuthu S (2008), ‘A study on the performance of Tube Investments India Limited’, Global Management Review, Vol. 3, (1), pp. 31-43 (ISSN: 0973-9947)

Areas of Interests

  • Financial Markets, Portfolio Management and Behavioural Finance.