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Kavitha S Dr., MBA, MCA, MPhil, PhD

Dr. S. Kavitha completed her UG degree [BSc (CT)] from PSG College of Technology and MBA degree from GRG School of Management Studies, Coimbatore. She also holds another Masters degree in Computer Applications from Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirappalli. She obtained her PhD degree from Anna University. She is a gold medalist in both MBA and MCA. She is a certified “Accredited Management Teacher” from All India Management Association, in Information Technology domain.

Dr. Kavitha has about 21 years of professional experience - 18 years in the academia and three years in industry. Kavitha has been a resource person in numerous Faculty Development Programmes and Workshops on Management Research, Online Teaching Tools, Digital Marketing etc. She has organized a significant number of Faculty Development Programmes, Short Term Training Programmes, and National and International Conferences sponsored by government funding agencies. She has widely published in national and international refereed journals and is a certified guide for doctoral scholars

Kavitha is the 'Champion' of the ACBSP International Accreditation process at GRGSMS. She received Best Faculty Award from GRG Trust in 2018.

Kavitha handles online programme on ‘Social Media Marketing’ to the international students of CETYS and its partner institutions.  As a part of Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) programme Kavitha is involved in co-teaching with SDSU, USA, faculty member.

Contact her at [email protected]


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ISBN Proceedings

  • Two articles titled “Impact of Social Media on Personality Development among the millennials: A conceptual study” and “A Study on the impact of Advertisement on women specific government healthcare schemes in Coimbatore district” published in the ISBN edited book of ICSSR Sponsored National Conference on Marketing in an Interconnected World: Trends, Opportunities And Challenges organized by GRGSMS, March 2017
  • An empirical article titled “Usage of Social Media in Business – A Conceptual study” published in the ISBN Edited book “3I – Intelligence, Innovation and Inclusion” in the international conference proceedings organized by Pondicherry University, March 2016
  • An empirical article title “EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT – WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO NIRAPARA SORTEX RICE DIVISION, OKKAL, KERALA”, published in ISBN Edited book titled “Trends and perspectives in Management Research” Feb 2015
  • A conceptual article titled “Application of Business Intelligence in Banks – A Conceptual study” is published in ISBN edited book titled “Emerging Paradigms in Management Research”, Feb 2014
  • A conceptual article titled “CRM in Banks – A Conceptual Study” is being published in the ISBN edited book Titled “New Vistas of Business Research”, June 2013.

Areas of Interests

  • Electronic Customer Relationship Management, Business Analytics, Digital Marketing