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Savitha Nair Dr., MBA, MPhil, PhD

A gold medallist Commerce Graduate from Calicut University (Class of 1997), Savitha holds MBA, MPhil and PhD in Management. With over 19 years of experience, she has keen interest in Entrepreneurship, Creativity & Innovation, Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Research. Her Doctoral Research was on ‘Innovation Adoption-Performance Linkages among the SMEs operating in the Knitwear Cluster of Tirupur District’. An ‘Entrepreneurship Educator’ certified by National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN), she was the founder faculty of a Campus Company promoted by students during her previous academic tenure. Currently, she is in charge of the Entrepreneurship Development Cell and mentors the student entrepreneurs on campus, including overseeing of the Campus Company. A passionate teacher and an avid researcher, Savitha has presented and published her research works in several national and international conferences and journals and won awards. A recognized guide under Bharathiar University, she is presently guiding four PhD research scholars. Savitha has successfully organized national and international conferences and training programmes, with grants from AICTE and ICSSR. She taught a course on ‘Strategic Management’ as a part of the Global Summer Programme organized by CETYS University, Mexico during July 2019. Savitha jointly organized and handled sessions for six online programmes on ‘Social Entrepreneurship’ to the international students and faculty of partner institutions.  She has recently joined the Global Jury of Wadhwani Foundation as a Mentor and Start-up Advisor to guide student entrepreneurs and start-ups.

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Areas of Interests

  • Entrepreneurship, Social Venturing, Creativity & Innovation, Marketing, Branding, Consumer Behaviour