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Brindha G, Dr, MBA., MPhil., PhD – Assistant Professor


Dr G Brindha, is an alumna of Avinashilingam University for Women with an undergraduate degree in Information Technology. She has her MBA degree from Bharathiar School of Management and Entrepreneurship Development (BSMED), Bharathiar University. She also holds an M.Phil and Ph.D in Management from Bharathiar University.  She is a University approved Management faculty and is UGC – NET qualified in Management. Her areas of academic interests include Marketing, Artificial Intelligence in Management and Business Analytics. With over eight years of academic experience, she is a tech enthusiast with profound knowledge about numerous emerging technological tools. She has widely published in National and International refereed journals and is presently guiding two doctoral fellows. She is also a consultant with ELGI and has actively participated in their Digital Transformation Project (DOJO) initiatives at PSGRKCW. She has recently registered a compelling case titled "The Most Uncommon Common Man" at Case Center, UK, centering around Mr. K. Nagarajan, the astute Managing Director of Ramraj Cottons. 

Being an earnest educator, she inspires young minds to adopt new technologies and excel in their academic endeavors.

Contact her at [email protected]


Journal Publications
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ISBN Publications & Conference Proceedings
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Areas of Interests

Business Analytics, Artificial Intelligence in Marketing and Technology for Management.