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Meena Maheswari J, Dr, M.B.A, M.Phil., PhD – Associate Professor

J. Meena Maheswari is an alumna of GRGSMS. She was awarded M.Phil from Alagappa University, Karaikudi. Her doctoral thesis was on ‘Indian Capital Market’ and She obtained her doctoral degree from Bharathiar University in 2023. She holds 12 years of teaching experience and an intense industrial experience of 10 years. She has appeared as a guest speaker in various Colleges and has conducted sessions relating to the Derivatives market. Her business and entrepreneurial engagements allowed her to explore innovative business strategies. Her ardent passion towards teaching and her industry experience makes her an effective academician to impart knowledge to budding management executives.

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Journal Publications
    • J Meena Maheswari,MS Ramya (2024),‘STOCK ANALYSIS BASED ON P/E RATIO – AN EMPIRICAL ANALYSIS WITH RESPECT TO BSE SENSEX’ Journal of Research Administration -Society of Research Administrators International – Volume 6 No 1 (2024) pp. 3060-3074 ISBN : 1539 – 1590 E-ISSN : 2573-7104 (Scopus indexed Journal)

    • J Meena Maheswari , S P Deepika (2023), ‘Discernment of Sector-wise Stock’s performance – An empirical evaluation of the Indian Capital Market, World Journal of Management and Economics, ABDC C CATEGORY JOURNAL,Volume 16 Issue 07 August 2023

    • Meena Maheswari J,’ Analysis of Risk and return: Comparative study on FMCG, cement and Banking sector stocks in India’, International Journal of All Research Education & Scientific Methods, Vol 9 Issue 10, October 2021(ISSN: 2455-6211)

    • Meena Maheswari J, ’Examining the risk and return of select stocks in BSE SENSEX’, International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts, Volume 9 Issue 10, October 2021(ISSN: 2320-2882)

    • Meena Maheswari J, ’A study on Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy’ – GIM Journal of Management, Vol 9 Number 2, July – December 2019 (ISSN 0974 – 0708)

    • Meena Maheswari J, ’Leadership: Impelling change management’ – GIM Journal of Management,Vol 10 Number 2, July – December 2018(ISSN:0974 – 0708)

    • Meena Maheswari J, ’Bitcoin’ – GIM Journal of Management, Vol 10 Number 2, July – December 2017(ISSN 0974 – 0708)

Book Publications
    • J Meena Maheswari (2023),An Empirical Analysis in Indian Capital Market, TJPRC Publishers, ISBN Number 9 78196 43586

    • J Meena Maheswari (2023), had published a Chapter titled’ Digital Transformation in Financial sector’ in the book titled ‘ Digitalization of the Indian Financial Sector’ , Volume 3 Edition 1 pp. 146-148 ISBN: 978-81-19337-00-2 Shanlax Publications

Areas of Interests

  • Equity Markets, Derivatives and Foreign Exchange Market.