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Reshma M, Dr, B.Tech., M.B.A., M.Sc., PhD – Assistant Professor


Dr M Reshma has completed her B-Tech (Fashion Technology) from Anna University and post-graduation in Business Administration specialized in Human Resources. She also holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Management. Her Doctoral research was awarded with the ICSSR Doctoral Fellowship for the year 2019-20. She has also completed her Masters in Applied Psychology. She is NET qualified both in Management and Personnel Management / Labour Welfare. She has worked in an institution as Assistant Professor in the Department of Management. She has published articles in reputed journals and presented papers in both National and International conferences. Her study about Entrepreneurial intention and Self-efficacy of Women students has won the best paper award in Entrepreneurship Stream in ‘The International Conference on Innovative practices in Management and Entrepreneurship’ organized by BNM institute of Management, Bangalore in December 2018. Recently, she has registered a captivating case "The Most Uncommon Common Man" with Case Center, UK, focusing on Mr. K. Nagarajan, the discerning Managing Director of Ramraj Cottons.

She is passionate about teaching and believes that it holds the key to bring about productive changes in people and transforming them into future world leaders.

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Journal Publications
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Areas of Interests

  • Organisational Behaviour, Competency Framework, Research Methods