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Saranya PB, Ms. BCom, MBA, (PhD)

Mrs.Saranya is an alumna of GRGSMS who strongly believes that teaching is the path way for learning and provoking innovative ideas and thoughts. She holds 9 years of experience in teaching and 2 years of experience in financial planning and consulting industry. She is currently pursuing her PhD degree in the area of Stock Market Volatility.

She has been a resource person and an active team member in organizing AICTE sponsored FDP’s such as ‘Skill Development for Research in Finance’ (November 2019); ‘Deflate Financial Derivatives’ (March 2020); and ‘Research in Finance using Eviews’ (January 2021). She has actively participated in several conferences and published around20 articles in various journals.

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  • Saranya PB (2020). Coronavirus Outbreak and Stock Market Volatility and Returns: Evidence from Global Stock Markets. Asian Journal of Research in Banking and Finance. 10(05).
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  • Saranya PB, Poornima S. (2016). Return and Risk analysis of sectoral stocks and its impact on portfolio selection. Indian Journal of Research. 05 (01).

Papers Presented at Conferences

  • Saranya PB(2019 ‘The casual linkbetween FDI Inflows, Trade openness and Economic Growth in India’ atthe 8th International Conference on Corporate Finance and Financial Markets. SDMIMD.
  • Saranya PB (2018). ‘A study on the impact and relationship between volatility index and select equity index’. 7th International Conference on Emerging Trends in Finance, Accounting and Banking. SDMIMD.
  • Saranya PB, Poornima S. (2017). On the asymmetric relationship between India VIX and select equity index. 7th India Finance Conference. Indian Institute of Management. Bangalore.2017.
  • Saranya PB, Poornima S. (2016). Impact of FDI and FII inflows on Indian Stock Markets with reference to 7th International Conference on Leveraging Investment, Infrastructure and Intellectual Capital for Economic Development. Avinashilingam School of Management and Technology. Coimbatore. 2016.
  • Saranya PB, Vimala S. (2014). Participated and presented a paper entitled “Predicting Corporate Bankruptcy in Indian Pharmaceutical Companies” at “4thIndia Finance Conference 2014”, held during 17th – 19th December, 2014, organized by Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.

Areas of Interests

  • Her areas of interest are Financial Markets, Financial Planning and Consulting.